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Branding & Design, Content & SEO, Digital, Events & Experiential, Marketing, PR
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Great winning pitch but didnt quite deliver once on board. Lovely team who were always very professional. Often long periods of low activity and only small number of clippings/activity per month. Would have been nice to have more senior people involv...

Eric Urbain
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PS London
Branding & Design, Content & SEO, Digital
Unspun rating 7695103448bc0b943e4c15ed0bc429ce436cf597e47c94d2016c55b23e39f726
About PS London

We're a creative agency that delivers better marketing solutions by starting with the future and working backwards.
We help you define the highest aspirations for your brand and work with you to make those aspirations reality.
With services spanning the different digital and offline disciplines, we solve proposition, branding and marketing challenges for clients in many sectors.
We use insight to understand your business and how to engage your audiences irrespective of which channels they choose.
We believe collaboration is key to success. Our clients value our ability to solve marketing challenges. As a result, we’re often asked to get deeply involved in their projects, using our blend of experience to work as part of their team to help shape the strategy and brief, long before creative development begins.

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