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Excellent campaign for Starling Bank...

Helen Trevorrow
Green Row Communications Ltd.
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Advertising, Branding & Design, Digital, Events & Experiential, Market Research, Marketing, Media Planning and Buying, PR
Unspun rating 7695103448bc0b943e4c15ed0bc429ce436cf597e47c94d2016c55b23e39f726
About Bit2Buzz

Bit2Buzz is a tech and PR media agency from India. We are bringing the world of crypto and blockchain on your plate by reviewing, brainstorming, and strategising the marketing solutions. As a media agency, we are offering all-inclusive crypto media and PR service solutions for crypto and blockchain projects.

Services we offer; Brand Exposure -Print and Digital PR/ Press Release distribution Sponsored Article Listings Influencer Marketing Banner Advertising Video Advertising Podcast Advertising Interview scheduling Community Management Event Planning Complete marketing campaign designing
It also has an open community platform available for everyone to share their experience of working, trading and dealing in crypto and blockchain spectrum. It is a hub of everyone working in and contributing to the crypto and blockchain ecosystem - including crypto enthusiasts, blockchain developers, traders, advisors, investors, experts, journalists, media professionals.

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