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Master The Media
Content & SEO, PR
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Sharon Thomas is an absolute professional. She has the gravitas to bring out the confidence in the most timid subjects or channel more boisterous egos. I have used her for media training many times and always had an excellent result and feedback from...

Helen Trevorrow
Green Row Communications Ltd.
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Websites 'N' More
Branding & Design, Content & SEO, Digital, Marketing
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About Websites 'N' More

Websites ‘N’ More is a web development company based in Newtown, Sydney. With expert knowledge of PHP programming we have delivered cutting-edge digital solutions to small and medium-sized businesses operating across a number of Industry sectors.
Some of our projects include:
• Development of simple informational websites for small businesses operating within Hospitality, Trades Services and Manufacturing.
• Development of a web application for a medium-sized coatings manufacturer that has enabled them to automate their sales process.
• Development of a study tool that has enabled a leading health research firm to undertake a national study backed by the central government.
• Currently working on software based on the SaaS model. This software is being developed for the childcare Industry.
Together our team can help you craft digital experiences that can help you achieve a positive ROI from your digital presence.

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