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20 Buchanan Street
G1 3LB
+44(0)141 572 0730

We believe that individual is brilliant.
We believe in the power of the individual in all its forms. Our clients have individual voices, personalities and identities. And their customers are equally as individual. Our clients come to Dog looking for an agency that can plan and create connected brand experiences that are unique, different and useful. Experiences that are as individual and brilliant as they are. Or at least as brilliant as they strive to be.
Digital became pervasive and mobile, ubiquitous in society. As a result, we've seen how an audience of 1 million now exists as a million audiences of one.
We accelerate our clients marketing advantage through our expertise in data, planning, technology and creative craft. We empower business leaders to rethink their approach to communication and move from a mass marketing model to a world where relevance is now possible at an individual level.
Through service design and digital transformation, we are equally focussed on delivering innovation and individuality.
Innovation driven through our exceptional and professional judgement has brought competitive advantage for our clients and recognition from our peers. We create individuality by remaining imaginative, applying art and science to deliver platforms, products and services that connect with our clients’ customers at a more focused, relevant and personal level than ever before.

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