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[Google] rainmaker /ˈreɪnmeɪkə/ 1. N. Amer.informal. 1. A person who generates income for a business or organization by brokering deals or attracting clients or funds. 2. One known for achieving excellent results in a profession or field, such as business or politics. 3. One believed to be capable of producing rain, as through magical or ritual actions.

Many marketing services companies outsource new business activity in one form or another. Within this industry Rainmaker Consulting, founded by Bill and Denese Colbourne, and Gareth Dixon, has spearheaded the most effective approach to proactive new business development.

The idea of 'intelligent new business' governs everything we do. It gave birth to Rainmaker in 1996, the world's first 'insight-led' new business consultancy, and the first to integrate expert planning with the implementation of new business programmes. It also launched Pearlfinders' unrivalled brand decision-maker intelligence product in 2001, and since 2005 via Blossom, it has helped agencies train highly productive new business HR.

Today, still setting the pace, our endeavours lead their fields. Together, they provide an integrated proposition supplying over 3,000 marketing new business professionals in 500 agencies with effective sales support.

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