Schmick Film & Photography Bureau

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Schmick Film & Photography Bureau
8a All Saints Road
W11 1HH

Schmick is a full service film and photography production company.

We have been realising ideas as well as originating them for 15 years, we’re on job number 568 for our 78th client. That doesnt mean we lose them - we mostly retain clients and operate mostly on word of mouth and repeat business as our case studies prove. Some clients have been with us for a decade.

We own every single piece of kit needed to realise most small to medium productions. Its pretty high end kit so you will often get a sledgehammer to crack your nut.

We also have a long standing team of high calibre crew and suppliers - or ‘Schmickers’ as they are known.

We want to start by knowing who you are communicating to, what you want them to take away from the assets we create for you and what is the result you want to achieve. With this information we will then create everything you need from TV commercials to web films, printed books to Instagram content - all with a unified look and feel.

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Schmick is really professional hi-spec creative. You feel like the content has been 'directed'. It is beautifully shot. Cameras and editing equipment all add to the almost cinematic effect of content produced. Really high quality stuff produced which will stand out from your bog standard low output video & photographic work.

Your project is creatively directed, overseen and delivered by Christian himself so you are getting a personal service with someone who is a real expert.

Highly recommend

Review by. Helen Trevorrow
Managing Director
Green Row Communications Ltd.
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