6 March 2017

The best celebrity PR agencies in London are spanning the globe from the UK’s capital with a pool of talent who operate in a multi-channel digital environment.

Best celebrity PR agencies in London:

According to leading showbiz editor Kelly Allen the best celebrity PR agencies in London are clearing up in the USA. She says, “Showbiz never sleeps and with the rise of social media, that statement has never been truer. Celebrities PRs are on the go 24/7 and their talent isn't just traditional stars from the box, they are looking after YouTubers, influencers, Snapchat stars. It's a vibrant and exciting time. Politics is grim at the moment so people are looking to the arts more than ever before."

Agencies representing talent stateside are leading the way. Allen picks out DawBell as a leading agency, “It's hard to list all DawBell's achievements but with James Corden's profile going stratospheric Stateside, the team being the brains behind Craig David's epic comeback and with them working on Harry Styles to launch his solo career, they are THE talent PR team everyone is talking about."

With so much going on there’s still plenty of room for boutique agencies to carve out a reputation. Much heralded is Carver PR, says Allen, “Carver PR may be small and new but it should not be underestimated. They have insured that there is barely anyone on the planet that hasn't heard of Joe Wicks, The Body Coach. And it's not just word of mouth, the figures speak for themselves - biggest selling cookbook since records began, number one selling fitness DVD ever and sold all DVDs in the first week of release including Bad Moms and Sausage Party!"

Megan Carver, Founder of Carver PR says, “Our company is nearly three years old and in that time the continued rise of social media has certainly impacted on traditional PR strategies. A celebrity can announce a new book or gig on their social channels and get directly to the fans and media in 140 characters or through content they’ve created themselves. Previously that would have taken several interviews and numerous coverage placements to ensure audiences are reached. 

In terms of PR strategy direct communication has its challenges. At the polar opposite of the rogue, unplanned tweet there’s the potential for playing it too safe 'preaching only to the converted' and not growing your existing fan base. Carver says, “PR Strategies need to be integrated so that traditional, digital and social media work in unison with the same clear messaging, rather than each platform being its own island with its own content. You need to be creative, know what works for what platform and then plan the strategic flow. Doing this properly takes vision and creativity.” 

Carver and Allen both put London at the centre of UK showbiz scene. Carver says, “Most key media, management, events, agents, clients, promoters are all based in London. It's certainly the hub, but that doesn't mean life and success can't thrive outside the capital. For me, I've tried commuting and hated it - I could be at a TV studio for 6am, in a radio studio at 11pm and various events or meetings in between, so being London based is a must for me.” 

In terms of what is going to be big for the rest of 2017 Carver flags up her most successful multi-channel client, “Joe Wicks The Body Coach, is going to continue his incredible success journey. Likewise, SORTEDfood are YouTube's most engaged food channel in the world with 11 million views a month, so their profile is going to grow as they cross more into 'traditional mainstream media’. Outside of our clients, I am a big fan of Caroline Hirons and I think she has got an exciting year ahead.”

Helen Trevorrow of Green Row says; "Brands need to look carefully at the longevity of their brand partnerships and the scrutiny they might face from a miscalculated partnership. A celebrity or influencer doesn't just promote your brand, they represent and encapsulate it - its worth thinking ahead to when things might change or possibly go wrong."

Top 5 - The best celebrity PR agencies in London

  • Carver PR – A small and momemtun propelled agency fuelling The Body Coach and run by a successful former Radio 1 producer
  • DawBell PR - Shortlisted Top 5 Small Agencies PR Week Awards 2016, Top 5 Best New Agency, 2011 PR Week Awards; nominated every year at the Music Week Awards - winning twice. Paul McCartney, Gary Barlow, Take That, Rihanna. Say no more…
  • Simon Jones PR - The client list is like a who's who of showbiz; Ant & Dec, Little Mix, Tess Daly, Dannii Minogue - it's impossible to name them all
  • Dundas Communications – Professional, highly experienced and strategic. Big names of the moment include Tom Daley and Emma Willis
  • Liz Matthews – Publicist extraordinaire mixing fashion, beauty, brands and celebrity

And a great little all round agency, especially in dealing with crisis is Green Row Communications  - great for brands and brand partnerships with celebrities and influencers.