28 July 2020

The city of Leeds has a thriving digital marketing scene  fueled by  a unique community of like minded businesses and individuals who have forged a network pushing forward and enhancing performance.

Here are the top 5 best digital agencies in Leeds with insight from their principles on why it is such a thriving scene. 

The best digital agencies in Leeds; Leeds leads the way as the best digital marketing city in the UK

With news that Leeds based twentysix digital just made the Government's new roster for communications services in the ‘digital lot’ it is yet more evidence that the best digital marketing agencies in Leeds are out-performing London based mega-agencies.

The best digital agencies in Leeds not only operate on an international platform they are leading the globe in best practice and shaping integrated agencies of the future. It’s a hub of digital creativity forecast by as a one to watch in 2017. The abundance of quality graduates and a unique nurturing community continues to water this rich seam.

Jonathan Filewood (pictured), Managing Director of 40 strong team at Enjoy Digital, a digital marketing agency in Leeds whose clients include Costcutter and Bank of Ireland puts it down to a unique community of like minded businesses and individuals who have forged a network pushing forward and enhancing performance.

Filewood says, “One of the things that makes Leeds such a thriving digital community is that there are plenty of networking opportunities and chances to collaborate and learn from other businesses in the area. We prosper as part of a community that allows people at every level of the industry to grow their skills from more than just inside the walls of their own office.”

Filewood believes that more and more companies are realising the value of digital, and in some cases building in-house teams. He is interested to see how the relationship between client and agency changes. He has also seen a merging lines between SEO, online PR and social media with specialist agencies fighting to take the lead. Filewood predicts that in 2017 digital agencies will win out and the more traditional agencies will have to change the way they work to win business and compete.

A key element in propelling Leeds digital success is certainly Leeds ability to produce an abundance of quality university graduates.

James Armstrong, Digital Marketing Manager of SteadyGo , a digital marketing agency in Leeds, says, “The digital sector in Leeds has boomed over the last 15 years, turning the city into a leading hub of agencies and businesses outside of London. Initially the comparatively low cost of staff and office space (when compared with London, Birmingham, Manchester and the major European cities) coupled with the high availability of both office space and graduates to recruit, made the city attractive to fast-growing dot com businesses of the boom years.”

These graduates, learning on the ground and buoyed by the supportive nature of the scene the fueled a culture of experience digital individuals, Armstrong continues, “the subsequent abundance of experienced digital personnel lead to an explosion of secondary digital service agencies in Leeds, training new graduates into the industry and creating a sustained expansion of the sector.

Leeds has a concentration of financial, professional and business services basing themselves in the city. This profusion of legal, accounting, banking, insurance and recruitment firms, complimented the burgeoning digital services industry, offering convenient access and connections to clients across the UK for local agencies.”

Filewood says, “Enjoy Digital regularly takes on interns and students from the local universities, and we hope to encourage new talent and develop the digital marketing scene by doing so. I find that companies who do open their doors in this way are also more likely to try new ways of thinking.”

There’s no doubt that innovation and inspiration for digital marketing agencies in Leeds has come from hubs such as Futurelabs and Entrepreneurial Spark. As well as workshops and forward thinking networking they have helped to birth several start-ups.

Ones to watch - Five of the best digital agencies in Leeds