5 June 2017

David Geary, Director of Tank Top Media told us “I think Birmingham is a great stage now for the marketing industry to thrive. Places like The Custard Factory offer great locations which attract talent to start in our industries. Effectively being the capital of the Midlands too, means we have a bigger pool of talent to access.”

Best PR agencies in Birmingham

The Midlands has a long tradition of combining industry with creativity, and that’s why you’ll find all the best media agencies in Birmingham. Being Britain’s second city, it has not only the talent and clout, but the audience that can turn a trend into an important influence. David Geary, Director of Tank Top Media told us “I think Birmingham is a great stage now for the marketing industry to thrive. Places like The Custard Factory offer great locations which attract talent to start in our industries. Effectively being the capital of the Midlands too, means we have a bigger pool of talent to access.”

Rabnir Sahota of Vitis PR, an agency specialising in technology and B2B, echoes that view, saying “We have technology clients from all over the world and communicate with them every day. They want results and are less concerned about location. With the HS2 coming, we’ll be an even better alternative to London agencies as clients further South can reach us quickly if they want face to face meetings.

“We find that our clients tend to want to be featured in national and trade press first and foremost. This is where producing great content keeps them ahead of the game, whether that’s thought-leadership articles, infographics or comments on breaking news. I think more companies are seeing the benefit of good quality SEO and social media too.”

A Local tradition of innovation

But does location affect the quality, or the attitude of the people working in the best media agencies in Birmingham? Are they real contenders? It would appear so, if you believe what Simon Morris, MD of Birmingham ad agency Bareface says.

“Bareface has offices not only in Birmingham and London, but in New York as well. Working both in the UK and US means that Simon’s take on ‘cultural attitude’ is based on the perspective of working with people from several different, and culturally diverse territories. He says, “If I'm honest, not many changes have been noticed. Birmingham and the people that work here are already very outwardly focused, being a massive exporter globally of manufactured goods and services.” Simon also goes on to point out that Birmingham isn’t aspiring to simply be an alternative to London, rather Birmingham is nurturing its own PR stars while also attracting talented souls to the city from direct preference to the Capital. He told us that “Most of the team in Birmingham hail from the city, but we also have some fantastic talent such as Adrian Iliescu who is from Romania and Christina Smith who is from New Zealand. Both have come to the city because they see how dynamic it is as a place to live and work.”

David Geary supports this view, and foresees things getting even better for Birmingham in the future, stating that “All our team come from Birmingham or close to it. It is easy for people to get in to work in Birmingham by public transport or car.

“With all the plans that are in place for Birmingham generally, a great creative media scene is vital to the long-term success of the region.”

The best marketing agencies in Birmingham

What is it that makes the best marketing agencies in Birmingham so good? Talented individuals are drawn to the Bachelors’ and Masters’ degree courses in Marketing, Media and Communication, and Public Relations that are offered at Birmingham City University, that’s for sure.  The university brings a huge number of tech savvy, inspired and creative individuals to the city, and it’s easy to see the opportunities afforded by having establishments which courses concentrate on publicity and PR. Local businesses are also growing, which in turn is attracting fresh blood while also serving a beautifully integrated local community. Creativity thrives where there is diversity, and, given that Birmingham is such a diverse city already, these newcomers only add to the creative thread which is so strong in Birmingham. As Simon Morris mentioned, he employs people not only from the Midlands, but he has staff from as far afield as Europe and New Zealand who’ve chosen to make Birmingham their home.

Birmingham also has a long tradition of making and selling quality goods around the world. It also has an equally long history of supporting businesses that are looking for advice or support when developing new strategies. We asked Simon whether there were any specific networks, organisations, or associations in Birmingham that he particularly liked. He told us

“There are a number of organisations that champion the city both home and overseas. For a number of years Marketing Birmingham, the council’s arm that is responsible for promoting the city has been leading the charge especially with a focus on inward investment. As the city has started to find its stride and confidence we are seeing a number of grass roots projects that are springing up all the time and organically shouting about the great things going on. Businesses and organisations that call Birmingham home are also getting better at telling the success story of the city and why they based here.I am of the opinion that it is not the responsibility or ownership of one large organisation to champion the city, but the collective voice of everyone who is proud to live and work here.

We love Birmingham because although it is a big developed city, it still has massive opportunity for new businesses to start out, find their place where in other cities it feels like everything has already been done. This is reflected in the strong independent business scene we see today. It is a place that has definitely found its feet, has incredible opportunities flourishing every day and is truly a global city.

In order that the city continues its rapid rise and success, it needs to reclaim the mantle of the UK's Second City for media and not be running in third place to other cities that have championed their thriving creative and digital scenes. In order that this happens we need to showcase the great agencies and individuals that are already doing this and encourage more non-Birmingham companies to work with agencies based here.”

And this essentially, is what makes Birmingham such a great place to do business in. There’s a work ethic here which looks at the past and sees a city whose very name has been synonymous with quality for generations. But while it looks upon a proud past at home and across the globe, it also looks to the future and is always ready to grasp opportunities as they arise out of new technology, new media and the challenges of the changing economic landscape.

The Top Five Best marketing agencies in Birmingham

Vitis PR - Solid tech PR services organisation which specialises in Business to Business PR, events, search and social media.

Bareface Agency - An extremely cool global agency based in Birmingham - A meeting of minds across an expanse of diverse disciplines. A collision of art and science.

Tank Top Media - An independent media planning and buying agency who use a blend of common sense and the latest analytics and tracking tools.

Big Cat Group - An integrated agency, well established, well known for design and an ability to deliver big projects.

WPR  (Willoughby) - Established for 25 years, winning 66 industry awards in the last 8 years alone. PR campaigns in very safe hands here

Resources – Great Birmingham chamber of Commerce, dedicated business support and networking – Digital Birmingham. Great resource for events, talks and workshops