9 March 2021

Over the last 12 months Empathy.co has also announced some major customer wins, including Kroger, Inditex, Matas and Carrefour. The company remains 100 per cent self-funded by the founders, so it can control its own destiny and ensure all profits are reinvested in growth and development of its platform.

Looking to 2021 and beyond, the company anticipates a further 71 per cent revenue growth from its Empathy Platform customers. This pace of growth will be accelerated by new hires from more locations, scouting top talent from local universities on the North West of Spain, such as Coruna and Oviedo.

Empathy.co has also planned to launch Motive.co, a new service for local shops and small enterprises as a plug-in to existing Commerce Platforms.

Angel Maldonado, CEO, Empathy.co said; “In this new era, digital experiences evolve into relations where the brand aspires to become a companion to the consumer. Customers are tired of cold automated services and seek moments of joy where they feel understood in sites and apps they can trust.

“Fortunately, many consumer-facing brands embrace the power of empathy in their identities, which justifies soaring uptake of our products, despite the general economic hardship caused by Covid-19 on a global scale. 

“We have huge plans and hopes for the future, we feel this new era as one filled with human value and purpose, with the source of our vision.”

With dual headquarters in London, UK and Asturias, Spain, Empathy is a leading innovator in commerce search and discovery, with over 150 specialised researchers and engineers. 

Empathy is committed to building human-centred commerce search and discovery platforms that empower big brands to create trustworthy, understanding and joyful commerce experiences. Trusted by leaders including Carrefour, Kroger, Inditex and Vodafone, Empathy believes technology will empower brands to respect the individual, serve the community and thrive through these relationships.