3 February 2016

Unspun is about what has actually happened rather than what agencies say will happen in the future. She hopes the industry embraces Unspun in the positive way it has been intended.

My marketplace is exciting right now because everything has been thrown up in the air by the digital world. It has really given PR and Communications professionals the upper hand in terms of understanding how to use multi-platform approaches to communicate. My background is as a purest PR person and I can't help but view things from that angle.

The secret of a good client / agency relationship is I think to try and work as extension of the in-house team. It really works best where there is trust and openness and a willingness to succeed. Obviously that trust comes from transparency in the minute detail of your work together, billing, time spent, all of this has to be real and honest as it effects trust. All sides have to sign up to the belief that it doesn't matter who has the successful idea, just that the overall objective is fulfilled. Its a very delicate relationship that can easily sour. 

The person I most admire in my industry right now is Giles Fraser of Brands2Life because not only does he run one of the best and most successful PR agencies on the scene right now, he manages to be a thoroughly decent lovely man and very kind which is a quality I admire in successful business people

An agency should never go along with a client's idea just because the client wants it so. It degrades the spirit of excellent work

A client should never take ideas for granted

We could learn a lot from the advertising industry and charge so much more for our services. Its crucial to maintain relative fee incomes within the entire marketing industry

If I had £1000 to spend on marketing I would still spend it right now on old school PR with a substantial interview / coverage in national press backed up with a good social media push to share that content

The Government needs to help small creative businesses by giving them tax breaks and making it easier for them to thrive. The tax burden placed on small business is strangling creativity and provides no incentive to the millions of creative entrepreneurs that want to work for themselves. Much easier to stick with a big agency than to take the leap and do your own thing. 

The piece of work that I am most proud of is creating Unspun, trying to give a voice to those agencies who are absolutely brilliant

The best part of my job has always been and still is being in the know, having the ability to read through the lines to see what the story is rather than what the story is trying to tell you - and that is truly fascinating