30 March 2016

Maya has spent the previous 8 years in UK PR agencies working predominantly on consumer PR campaigns. She has excellent contacts within UK media and values honesty and getting to the point above all else. 

My marketplace is exciting right now because we are the fastest growing grocery retailer! There has never been so much spotlight on supermarkets before. It is refreshing to be working for a company that is doing the right thing by its customers and by that I mean consistently offering great quality products at great prices! I believe in my company 100% because I think what they are doing is right.

The secret of a good client / agency relationship is transparency. Working in such an efficient environment means that I really appreciate it when agencies are up-front and to the point. 

The person I most admire in my industry is Lynne Franks, because she has had a very successful PR career, innovated so many techniques we take for granted these days and is now using her status to do a lot of good in the world. 

An agency should never not manage expectations. Being an efficient and streamline business, time is of the essence, so executing things properly the first time around is crucial. I really appreciate straight talking people who get to the point right from the very start. 

A client should never - Having worked both agency side and in-house I appreciate the frustrations from both sides. With this in mind, a client should never undermine the experience and recommendations of an agency. We intend on working very closely with our chosen PR agency, and will see them as an extension of our in-house team. 

We could learn a lot from our contemporaries in Europe and the U.S. We are fortunate in the respect that we're a global business, and whilst we operate as Lidl UK it is always good to speak to my counterparts in other countries that we operate in and gauge what campaigns work well for them.

The piece of work that I am most proud of is Lidl UK's Living Wage. We were the first grocery retailer to commit to paying all of our employees the Living Wage, and as result we were able to secure a vast amount of coverage including a front page spread on the Metro. It is a genuine initiative which is going to improve people's talk home pay as well as being strategically an initiative which was news worthy but said a huge amount about our values as a business.

The best part of my job is breadth and the vast nature of opportunities that I am able to explore on a daily basis. I am currently thoroughly enjoying working on the various CSR initiatives that we are implementing such as FA Skills