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27 September 2016

My marketplace is exciting right now because of the amount of innovation coming through the pharmaceutical industry is unprecedented, I genuinely feel hopeful for the future.  In areas like oncology we are seeing real scientific breakthroughs where potential transformative treatments are in reach.  My job is to translate this complex science into meaningful news.

The secret of a good client / agency relationship is trust and detail. I need to have trust and faith in my agency and in their ability to get the job done to a very high standard. This trust is earned in the early days. You can’t underestimate the importance of attention to detail. Silly mistakes early on can cloud perceptions of ability and makes the vital trust harder to achieve.

The person I most admire in my industry are the scientists I work with. I’m blown away by these guys and their ability to make these life changing medicines. I work very closely with scientists to prepare them to make new announcements and no matter how many times I do it, I always leave feeling inspired.

An agency should never go to voicemail……where are you all?

A client should never put off giving difficult feedback or making unpopular decisions. Projects can stall without strong leadership. We should approach each piece of work as a real team with common goals. It is important to get everyone on board at the beginning and keep checking in to make sure you are all heading for the same goal.

We could learn a lot from PR Fails. I’m fascinated about how companies respond and react to bad news. I take time to look at case studies and learn from them. We don’t always have the best ideas so it’s important to look outside your area at best practice and new ways of working.

If I had £1000 to spend on marketing I would need my agency to understand that no matter the amount, we need to carefully plan our spending. It’s a basic requirement but we always need a detailed breakdown so we are clear on exactly how the money has been spent and where. 

The piece of work that I am most proud of is impossible to pick just one but I am super proud of the fact I am a successful working mother. It is a real challenge to get it all to work but with meticulous planning and lots of caffeine, it can be done.