12 April 2016

Oli has worked with many agencies large and small and sees #agencytalent as the vital component in both successful work and client / agency relationships

Agency Talent


Great agencies are based on talent. Great talent has a life cycle and there is a sweet spot when good people feel connected and facilitated to produce excellent work. When this happens the agency acts as mentor and catalyst for the individual’s performance at the highest level. Work is excellent, relationships are strong and it propels the agency to genuine success.

But of course the world does not stand still in this ‘perfect scenario’.  When the agency becomes successful three things happen:

  • The agency is consumed by a monolith:

In this scenario work is often compromised by managing the internal margin required. The fundamental fabric of the agency structure is changed beyond recognition. The confines and rules of investment and return create an environment where it is difficult to operate and relate to talent in the same way.

  • The agency loses it’s talent:

Perpetual motion pushes people along and those who are responsible for great work frequently go out and start their own agencies. You have to follow the talent or keep the talent within the business

  • The agency does a great job in retaining the talent:

This is the best result. Agencies who crack this and understand how to motivate and retain happy talent prolong and maintain their positions producing great work.


Agencies who want to succeed with long-term relationships need a strategy to manage each of these three scenarios.