19 July 2020

Looking to win over some great new clients? Way Out Consulting's Andre Morgan, gives his advice on how to and how not to win over new clients.

Parading your exes on a first date!

You wouldn’t do it, would you

Imagine this, you’re on a first date, you’ve spent half an hour talking about yourself, how wonderful you are, fun loving, caring, loyal and honest. Then, one by one you introduce each ex you’ve ever had and start talking about the relationships with them.

It just wouldn’t happen, would it? After all, you’re on a date, it should all be about them. At least to start off with, until the chemistry kicks in.

So why it so many agencies I meet, when they have initial meetings with prospects, they start off by talking about themselves, how wonderfully creative, strategic and collaborative they are and then continue to bore people to death by talking about their 5-stage process, how wonderful their work is, and look, we even have a client logo slide. Gasp, a client logo slide, WOW!

Who gives a toss, and why should anyone spend valuable time trying to build a relationship with you talking about yourself?

Making an impact in new business is serious stuff, it’s not rocket science, yet I still see agencies presenting creds and having meetings this way, STOP!

Just take some time to think about whom you’re meeting, what kind of challenges they might be facing and specifically how you can help them. That’s what they really want to hear, I can guarantee you, they’ve already been on your website, seen those case studies and client lists, so temp them with something that will give them a reason to want to take it to a second date.

Remember, egos aside, it’s all about them.