16 June 2020

We take a look at 5 of the best PR agencies in London, that specialise in food and drink:

Susan O’Brien, the global brand director for Just Eat says “You need those rational drivers – a product that works, is fit for purpose and offers consumers something of value. But equally, you need the emotional drivers too. Something that establishes a connection with those consumers – proving we care about the same causes and concerns they do – and helps us to stand out in such a competitive marketplace.” High levels of engagement are what the brands are chasing, and when consumers are very engaged in a product, or service, they are more willing to share this opinion. When these brand’s behaviour is approved of by these consumers, then they are more likely to voice their positive opinions.

An example that really works towards this goal is Waitrose, a spokesperson for the company said “acting ethically is integral to our business.” They understand that their customers care about food waste, and animal welfare, and so they strive to promote how they responsibly handle these issues.

With this in mind, the way that a food and drink company is presented is essential for their business, and so the PR agencies that these companies use play an essential part in how their products are perceived whether or not they sell well.

One of the best PR agencies, specialising in food and drink, is Fourteen Ten, a creative communications agency based in London. The company is named because of its founding date, 1/4/10. Since they were founded, they were commended for innovation by The Independent newspaper, awarded for Social Media campaign by the London Restaurant Festival and they also became the first agency in the world to use Vine, a social media platform which shut down in 2016, for consumer marketing, Fourteen Ten have worked with multiple big-name brands including Evian, Illy and Old Jamaica.

Taste PR provides services including content creation, social media management, media and influencer relations and event planning. They controlled the rapid growth of “snack box” company Graze, resulting in 33,000 people signing up to receive the product. They also worked with Bailey’s to promote “Bailey’s Pumpkin Spice”, a sell-out product, which will return for Christmas this year.

Founded in 2010, Samphire Communications specialises in bespoke communications strategies for the food, drink and travel markets. They’ve worked with a wide range of people and companies including Michelin starred restaurants as well as small, local pubs and bars. They’ve worked with well-known chef, Tom Kerridge, who says “Samphire are a pleasure to work with, and we consider them an important part of our team. They have a true understanding of what and who we are and where we are situated in the market place.” The restaurant, Las Iguanas’ marketing and brand manager, Lucy Harwood says “We love working with Samphire – like us they take a fresh, quirky and imaginative approach to PR and have really helped us to spread the word about our unique fresh food menu, our lovely Latin cocktails and our work in the local community over the past couple of years.” The company is ranked as the 39th fastest growing, woman led business in the UK.

Green Row Communications is a PR agency with a great deal of experience in the Food and Drink markets, having worked with big name brands including Lidl and Red Tractor Assurance. Helen Trevorrow, managing director of Green Row says “The value of good specialist agency comes with having contacts that introduce you into the inner sphere of the food and drink world which is a passionate, intelligent community with great knowledge of the subject. But you need to have more than that, which is the creativity and know-how to take a food product or brand out of just the food world and into mainstream news and features – now that is what gives food and drink brands real stand out cut-through.”

Sauce communications are an award-winning international lifestyle communications agency that specialises in food and drink as well as travel, wellness brands and hotels. They work with restaurant, Hipping Hall, run by Masterchef finalist, Oli Martin, who has also won four AA Rosettes, an award only received by the UK’s top restaurants. Andrea Spalletti, owner of Villa Spalletti Trivelli in Rome says this about sauce communications. “We have been working closely with the sauce travel team for over two years and couldn’t be more satisfied. The enthusiastic approach and the proactiveness of everyone on the tea, helps a small reality like ours to make the most out of the British Media and social media influencers.”

Top 5 – The best food and drink PR agencies in London, in no particular order

Fourteen Ten – A creative communications agency, specialising in food and drink, lifestyle and hospitality

Green Row Communications – A PR agency that has worked with companies including Lidl and Red Tractor Assurance

Taste PR – A food and drink PR and communications agency based in London who have worked with companies including Graze and Choco Leibniz

Samphire Communications – A PR and marketing agency specialising in food and drink. They have worked with Michelin starred restaurants, hotels and bars.

Sauce Communications – An international, award winning, lifestyle communications agency. They work with restaurants, hotels, travel companies, pubs and bars.