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23 June 2020

Influencer marketing agencies work with brands and influencers in order to enable social media influencers to secure endorsements with brands, and engage with their target audiences using paid promotions, sponsorships, competitions and giveaways, hashtag campaigns and product placements. Influencer marketing agencies are responsible for connecting brands with suitable influencers who have the best audience demographic for their brand. 

We’ve all seen that sponsored segment of our favourite YouTuber’s videos, those adverts on our favourite influencer’s Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories; and the influencer marketing agencies are the brains behind those campaigns and sponsorships. There are tens if not hundreds of different marketing agencies, all with different niches and specialisms.

We take a look at 5 of the best influencer marketing agencies:

Digital Voices has worked with many a well-known brand including Google, Surfshark, Post Office, Rolls Royce and Airbnb. They build bespoke, long-form video campaigns within YouTube videos. They use audience demographic data from over 11.5 million YouTube creators to choose the best creator for every marketing campaign. They’ve worked a lot with Surfshark, partnering with over 50 YouTube creators to create 60 second showcases within videos offering discounts using traceable, coupon codes, unique to the creator enabling them to monitor the success of each individual influencer’s showcase.

Socially Powerful is an influencer marketing agency that has worked with Uber eats, Huawei, Malibu, Hyundai, Turkish Airlines, Doritos and Microsoft. They work with many companies from start-ups to huge, global brands. They’ve run thousands of influencer marketing campaigns with hundreds of thousands of influencers using social media. They use metrics and performance analysis to choose the best fitting influencer for each campaign.

Viral Nation works as not only a global influencer marketing agency, but also as a talent agency for the influencers that they work with. They create campaigns for their client’s specific goals and pick the most suitable influencers for their needs. Within their influencer space, the company claims to have the highest level of analytics to help discern how effective their marketing campaigns have been.

Carusele works with over 55,000 influencers to help brands to promote their company effectively. They hand pick influencers to best promote their product or service, using originally created content. They closely monitor each promotion’s progress to identify which influencers and content type are the most effective, and then use that data to choose the best influencers and content type for future promotions. They’ve worked with many big-name brands including Pepsi, Ikea and Starbucks. Their custom influencer targeting system allows consumer brands to effectively and meaningfully engage with their target audiences, using influencer marketing campaigns.

PMYB covers over 40 different industries working with over 17,000 influencers originating from 47 different countries. PMYB produces unique marketing campaigns to attract different target audiences. The company is based in Britain, however they work with influencers around the globe, running large scale campaigns for many different brands. “PMYB is a Leading Influencer Marketing Agency that runs global campaigns for the world's biggest brands. We empower brands to always stay culturally relevant in the evolving digital world” (PMYB)

Top 5 – The best influencer marketing agencies in London, in no particular order

Digital Voices – An influencer marketing agency that specialises in building YouTube creator marketing campaigns

Socially Powerful – A global marketing agency that crafts high-impact influencer marketing campaigns

Viral Nation – Works with influencers on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and more, representing them and securing endorsements for them.

Carusele – They use their Influencer Content Targeting System to ensure that consumer brands can meaningfully engage with their target audiences using influencer marketing

PMYB – A British based influencer marketing agency that works globally with influencers covering over 40 different industries