15 September 2016

Thorough briefing.

If you don’t set clear objectives before you start then no one will ever know whether the project is a success or not.

Take take time to develop the brief in advance of appointing an agency and starting them working. Incorrect briefing, unclear brief, confusing objectives and lack of clarity doom the project before it has even started.

Don’t start something to see how it goes. Give proper set objectives and targets. Don’t change your mind mid-project. Take the time to talk through the detail, give the business context, and share known pitfalls and challenges. Agencies should keep asking challenging questions until the client is able to express the business need.

What should a brief look like? It can be big or small but we advise ultimate simplicity – make sure that it includes the following:

Be B.R.I.E.F…

  • Background – What’s the situation to date?
  • Reasons – Why do this now?
  • Insight – Facts, figures and research
  • Engagement – Where? Which channels
  • Finances – What budget is there?