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30 March 2016

Maya Orr is PR Manager for Lidl UK responsible for day to day media relations, CSR initiatives and with a special interest in Lidl's drinks' offering. Maya has spent the previous 8 years in UK PR agencies working predominantly on consumer PR campaigns. She has excellent contacts within UK media and values honesty and getting to the point above all else. 

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3 February 2016

Helen Trevorrow is the Founder of Previously she ran a super little PR agency called Green Row which fought hard against the big boys providing a big agency service at a small agency price. Prior to that she worked for many big PR agencies and was in-house European Communications Manager for DoubleClick Inc. 

She created Unspun because there seemed to be little independent insight about agencies and thought the industry as a whole could do with more transparency.

Unspun is about what has actually happened rather than what agencies say will happen in the future. She hopes the industry embraces Unspun in the positive way it has been intended.

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1 February 2016

Awards without spin? Can there be such a thing? The Unspun awards are for the best work in the marketing industry based on positive feedback throughout the year from clients that have worked with them.

There is no entry fee. There are no judges.


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