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6 August 2020

In the blink of an eye the world was a different place.

COVID-19 struck down the client base for many agencies and scattered our teams, dreams and new business machines.

Ryan Welmans is the Founder of Sopro 

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5 August 2020

How’s the content marketing going? Did you start well and then run out of ideas? Have you considered a content production subscription scheme? I believe it offers several advantages.

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28 July 2020

Leeds is one of the most progressive cities in digital with an array of award winning agencies working in social, and digital strategy. We take a look at 5 of the best digital agencies in Leeds

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19 July 2020

Andre Morgan, Way Out Consulting, describes the do's and don'ts of winning over clients.

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14 July 2020

Following the "Stop Hate for Profit" Campaigns, what should agencies to repond? How can they find new ways to work during these times?

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9 July 2020

Leeds agency, Zeal Media, has announced that it is planning for expansion following the acquisition of an applications development company.

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3 July 2020

Saint John replaces Jackie Lee-Joe as Netflix's Chief Marketing Offiver who is leaving for personal reasons

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1 July 2020

Since the rise in popularity of social media, the need for celebrity PR agencies has increased. They represent a wide range of different groups of people, from actors and performers to social media influencers and authors. Here are 5 of the best celebrity PR agencies in Australia

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30 June 2020

Patagonia boss, Ryan Gellert, announces advertising boycott of Facebook until it ‘develops a conscience’ and changes its flawed business model which allows ‘hate speech’ to thrive.

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29 June 2020

A collection of photographs of NHS workers including a cleaner, porter and pharmacist has been released to show how they helped during the pandemic.

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