5 June 2017

The Midlands has a long tradition of combining industry with creativity, and that’s why you’ll find all the best media agencies in Birmingham. Being Britain’s second city, it has not only the talent and clout, but the audience that can turn a trend into an important influence.

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How%20to%20build%20an%20experiential%20campaign%20 %20the%205%20things%20you%20need%20to%20know...
18 April 2017

JD Bracknell of experiential agency wemakestuffhappen gives us a 5 point checklist when planning and experiential campaign.


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26 March 2017

2017 began in unimaginable style; Trump’s inauguration hypnotised us while the way forward after the Brexit continued to heat debate in parliament, boardrooms and kitchens. The global economy meanwhile, didn’t seem to be listening, as it surged ahead with a period of unexpected growth. 

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9 March 2017

It has been 10 years since planners approved the construction of the development we know now as Media City UK, positioning Manchester in the epicentre of the UK’s media industry.

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6 March 2017

With British celebrities ruling Hollywood and the cult of reality TV going from strength to strength the celebrity PR agency is having a Renaissance.

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3 February 2017

The best PR agencies in Brighton - There’s something intrinsic about the success of PR agencies in Brighton. It is as if the sea air and close proximity to London has created a bubbling, networking pot of chatty, tenacious people who are good at making things happen.

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Media%20relations%20director%20 %20europe%2c%20middle%20east%20and%20africa%20at%20pfizer
27 September 2016

Lisa O'Neill is Media Relations Director, EMEA at Pfizer. 

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15 September 2016

If you employ an agency and want to get the best from them, here is the single most important thing you need to do...

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24 April 2016

Anna is Head of Marketing for the IWSC Group. She runs marketing and communications for the globally renowned International Wine and Spirit Competition and their numerous brand spin-offs and innovations. Her job takes her all over the world regularly working with individuals and agencies in the U.S., South America, Asia and Australia. Her remit encompasses hundreds of live events, publications, digital and brand comms. 

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22 April 2016

We polled clients to create a definitive list of the key top 5 things that really annoy clients. It is all so simple, and yet so complicated, the language of relationship is subtle but do what you can and think of this list when you think about your clients (and keep them happy and smiley)...

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