Content Integrity Policy

Content Integrity Policy

Content Integrity is absolutely central to UNSPUN 

We’ve created a site for clients to read reviews appraising the services provided by marketing agencies so that they can compare, plan and decide which agency best meets their needs.  Our goal is to provide an authentic, credible and helpful guide for those looking to employ marketing services agencies.  Clients can then contact and book the services they require directly with the agencies.

The best advice comes from clients in the market who have had the experience of using marketing services at first hand and can contribute to informed debate through their extensive personal experience.

As we aim to enable the client to make an informed decision the integrity of the reviews posted on UNSPUN is key.   So we are alive to attempts to bamboozle our system by the posting of fake reviews.  We rigorously review every posting and take action to identify block and remove fraudulent posts. 

Our clients must feel confident about sharing their experience and we don't take lightly the decision to remove a review from our site, but we do require that reviewers certify that they are describing and reviewing their own personal experience before posting their reviews on UNSPUN.

It is essential that agencies cannot influence UNSPUN to improve their reviews or ratings and we will always treat each and every agency on a level playing field.  We will not give our advertisers or any one else preferential treatment.   We are vigilant in our moderation of the content submitted giving the same level of scrutiny to the smallest to the biggest agency in the market.

Posting false reviews is cheating and businesses that positively review their own business or get others to do so on their behalf or negatively review their competitors are cheating.

Such fraud breaches UNSPUN’s terms and conditions of use and unfair competition laws and we invest huge amounts of time and effort identifying and removing fraudulent reviews on our site. Despite this we are aware that some fake reviews may slip the net from time to time

We are experts at spotting patterns of fraudulent activity and this is at the forefront of our policy because authenticity is fundamental to the usefulness of the site to the client.

We manage the content and identify and remove fraud.

Agencies and clients can flag published content for review if they believe it is fraudulent.  and all such reports will be looked at by our reviewing team.

We will engage with agencies trying to post fake reviews and expose any fake reviews they have posted.

The posting of fraudulent reviews once identified will have a negative impact on the agency’s rank in our Popularity ratings.

Where we feel it is appropriate we will seek confirmation that a client and agency has actually worked together.

While we believe people are integral to agency business we will remove reference to individual team members, unless they are agency principles.