How are reviews authenticated?

Before any review is posted on the site it is read in full by a member of the Unspun team. As long as the agency fulfills our terms and conditions and content integrity policy it is then posted on the site. If we suspect it may be a fake review we will take appropriate steps to check its integrity. Additionally we require names and email addresses for all reviews. The team have been trained in how to recognise fake reviews and we work relentlessly to ensure authenticity

What about integrity?

All we have is our integrity. This site is not transparent unless the reviews are real so we are doing everything in our power to ensure that these reviews are fair and real - reviews are all read and must be from a genuine user / client

Who owns Unspun?

Unspun.agency is independently owned by Helen Trevorrow. The team has no affiliation with any agency

What the pricing options?

It is free for all agencies to be on the site. However, an enhanced listing with visuals is £450. This is an introductory price set for 6 months to October 2016.